The Painting Frenzy Continues plus a Painted Stair Tutorial and Painted Birthday Party

And the Painting Ideas don’t stop! we are in OVERDRIVE…and we LOVE it…..we’ve got thousands of ideas running through our heads and we just can’t seem to find enough time, paint and blank canvases to paint them on!

It’s so fun…we don’t want to sleep, eat or go anywhere….i told one of my besties, it’s almost like i’m having an out of body experience…i’m on full automatic mode and i don’t want the juices to ever stop….

My beautiful Curly Haired friend Marnie turned 33 this weekend

and her husband TJ came dressed for the occasion…Love the Tuxedo Shirt! and guess what we did at her birthday party ~PAINT! She hosted her party at Color Me Mine and had everyone paint a plate, mug, bowl, butter dish etc. to start her fun collection…what a brilliant idea! Love it!

do you see Beard there….he was the beer holder

at least i got to change out of my splotchy oversized purple paint sweatshirt and painted on pajama pants to regular normal clothes (i always tell people, this is why i love dresses and skirts….u sit around all day pajamied and makeup-less in cozies perched at your paint table….it’s no wonder i love to do my hair, paint on my face and dress up) I had to post this next shot because we all laughed and thought it looked like a family photo shot from the 80’s…remember the ones where you were told to look away from the camera….so funny!

after we got done created dinnerware, we went to one of my favorite bars in Sioux Falls~ Monks….My hubby and i decided ~ whenever we go to Monks, we have to take a picture of ourselves together acting like the loopiest couple in the bar….why? because we’re goofy like that….we start traditions like this all the time…and we hope when we are 90, we’ll be able to remember a small percentage of them…probably not…but we can look back at all of our crazy pictures and laugh

We even brought the camera into the bathroom and took these shots….ha….seriously…we are whack-o…you should have seen the look on the man’s face waiting in line to use the bathroom~as we walked out laughing….i told him “Don’t worry, we got pictures…!” ha…let him think!

Sunday morning I woke up at 6 and with coffee in hand my husband kissed me goodbye while walking out the door to go to the air base for guard drill wknd and i said to him “Honey, I think I’m gonna paint the garage steps today!” and he said, “Okay, I love you…bye love!” Didn’t even bat an eye….love that about him!

I hurried out the side door and sank into my great big world of imaginations and dreams. I have had this vision for about a year now and have just never brought it to life….I tell Gracie everyday to have a kind heart and to give good and now everyday she can tiptoe down these happy stairs and go out into the world wearing a smile with dreams and happiness in her pocket.

i sat outside at 630 in the morning in my paint clothes, bending over and priming my canvas…..and you know what….my buttcrack was hanging out….and i kept laughing because i was thinking to myself “yep, you’ve really done it now chantel….you’re painting your garage steps a rainbow of color and your crack is exposed for all the passerbys to see….” ~i don’t know if it was because i was so tired or delirious from little sleep last week…but it “cracked” me up….LITERALLY

Step One: Sweep and Sand the Stairs

Step Two: Prime~ I used a leftover gallon of Olympic Primer left over from Gracie’s Bedroom Makeover~ let dry for about 1 hour

Step Three: Paint the first coat of color ~I just used acrylic paint~ let dry completely

Step Four: Paint the second base coat of color ~let dry completely

Step Five: Paint the inside colors ~ let dry completely

Step Six: Paint on your words with Black Acrylic ~ let dry completely

I finished it off by signing this:

Growing up, mom signed everything that way…and i now do the same for Gracie

Step Seven: Spray with a clear polyurathane ~ I used MINWAX water-based Polycrylic that i bought at Walmart for under $10

Step Eight: spend an hour spend an hour tiptoe-ing, crawling, dancing, skipping, jumping, sliding (maybe not…could get slivers), and swirling down them ….i can’t tell you how many times i opened the door yesterday just to peek my head out and see them! love it….

One thing I know for sure…..I LOVE THESE STEPS~ We hope this inspires you to add some color into your day!


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