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About Art Moms

Art Moms is a Mother/Daughter team from Sioux Falls S.D. specializing in Children's Art and One of a Kind Greeting Cards. You can find our unique items in over 160 stores across the U.S. and at about 25 Art Shows a year.

We always state we have THE BEST facebook groupies in the world! Join us....you have the chance to be the first to view all new product, you can join in all of our giveaways and you stay updated on our blog posts....we promise to delight!

Our Story

It all started the day i was born, i remember mom always saying " back in ’77, when i held my little baby in my arms, i said…she will one day love art and she will one day be a mom…and a lot of other crazy stuff in between"  

Well, here we are...crazy as ever! There is never a dull moment between the two of us...we love to color, we are horrible at math, we indulge in great food and cocktails and we are CERTAINLY NEVER BORING! 

For all store owner inquiries contact
Denny Ogden

Art Mom's Dad

A Quick Shout Out

to the man known as beard~

not only are you the best sales rep any business could ask for, you are the world's biggest and best(est) fan a wife and daughter could have

thanks for always believing in us!

if we could put into words how much you are adored, you could mulitply it by infinity and take it to the tenth power. if that's possible. don't quote us on that. remember our math skills are lacking.

you are loved
beyond love
beyond love

about Pennie

  1. i love spending time with myself...i need it
  2. family is the most important thing in my life
  3. i've seen Mama Mia (the movie) over 20 times because of the good music
  4. i'm very happy to have reached 61
  5. i love painting drawing and any form of art
  6. i lost a younger sister to colon cancer 9 years ago
  7. denny and i got married on the 200th birthday of the USA...1976
  8. i could drink coffee ALL DAY LONG
  9. i can't sing but i love music
  10. i own an african grey parrot who will outlive me and talks more than me
  11. i do not like to shop but i love a good bargain
  12. i do not like to exercise
  13. i soak in the tub almost every night with a good magazine or book
  14. i want more grandkids
  15. i love popcorn with Parmesan cheese and cracked pepper
  16. i like smoking a cigar once in awhile
  17. i always tell my kids i am not their mother...jokingly
  18. all my notes to my kids are signed MM
  19. i love basking by the pool in okoboji
  20. i email, text, facebook, call or see my daughter at least 20 times a day

about Chantel 

  1. I'm a mother,a daughter, a sister, a wife,an artist, a writer and a whirlwind of craziness filled with a joyful heart. I ramble a little too much sometimes, I love to make things, having paint all over my hands is a sign of a very productive day. 
  2. i live for coffee, a cold beer, a glass of wine or a really good bourbon ...equally i die for a great meal of food 
  3. i would wear a dress and heels everyday, on the rare occassion that i do wear jeans, i'm just as astounded as my friends and family are
  4. my favorite part of cleaning my bedroom is finding money in pants pockets *remember i don't wear pants...so 9 out of 10 times they are jerime's pants but i say finders keepers right 
  5. i love dessert....ice cream, pudding, pie and cookie sandwiches what's a cookie sandwich you ask? why it's a cookie sandwiched between two other cookies 
  6. i barely ever take naps...i am afraid i'll miss something...granted i'm at home by myself most day so i can't imagine what i would miss that would be important ...someday i'll have to ask myself that
  7. i'm pretty sure if i ever saw a clown holding a ventriloquist doll i would shit my pants
  8. i still laugh when the ketchup farts
  9. one of my secret talents is silently opening a piece of candy, shoving it in my mouth and chewing it quietly before my husband, daughter or dogs see it
  10. most days i'm at my paint table, in pajamas, without a bra ... if you ever come visit and my arms are crossed in front of me, you know why....
  11. i love the words twat waffle and fruit loop dingus...i also love the "f" word....but very rarely do i say it
  12. after 15 years of marriage i am still head over heels, bat my eyelashes, slap on some lipstick, wish he would call me, hates when he goes to work... thinks the moon rises and shines ... over.him.
  13. last year, jerime tried to talk me into moving to florida...we spent 3 weeks driving down the coast from charleston over to tampa looking for a place to call home...we were unsuccessful....this isn't out of the cards for us...we talk about it a lot....if i could pick sioux falls up and move it to the coast, i would hands down go there
  14. i would say i live half my life not knowing how old i am, what time it is, what day it is and honestly even what year it is
  15. i love road trips, i hate airplanes
  16. the sound of children laughing is one of my favorite things....other than if i'm at a hotel room...in the hallway...in the middle of the night
  17. i believe in wishing on a star, happy endings, destiny, everything i read on facebook and marriage equality 
  18. when i am an old lady, i intend to do cartwheels and dye my hair a different color at every appointment
  19. i love love love men in beards
  20. Vince Vaughn is my number one man crush....adam sandler, kevin james, and paul rudd are tied for a close second...throwing in zoe deschenal to throw you for a loop
  21. i still cry on the first day of school...every single year....my little darling grows bigger every single day...every year we go to her conferences, and every single teacher remarks how kind she is to others...i always wanna stand up from the table, push my chair in and tell her that's all we need to hear...my proudest moments are watching her care for others, the earth and herself

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