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Art Moms is a Mother/Daughter team from Sioux Falls S.D. specializing in Children's Art and One of a Kind Greeting Cards. You can find our unique items in over 90 stores across the U.S. and at about 25 Art Shows a year.


Greeting Cards.

Custom original greeting cards are one of our top selling products. Available for individual purchase, wholesale and consignment.

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Art for Children.

  • Delightful Dillies
  • 5x7 Prints
  • Framed Artwork
  • Unique gifts for all occasions
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Children's Book.

Discover Gracie Noodle and her Magical Adventures with Art Moms first ever Children's book, complete with signature Art Moms illustrations.

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Welcome to Art Moms

We are so blessed and extremely excited with the growth of our company...a little scary...but how gratifying!!! I'm creating this site to keep our customers updated on products, stores and shows...and we would love to invite you all to share stories and pictures of how Art Moms has added a little sparkle to your life!!! Also we'd like to thank all of our "Art Moms Groupies" for your wonderful support!!!

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Our vision


And now introducing Gracie Olson as ~ART NOODLE
And now introducing Gracie Olson as ~ART NOODLE~ my 7 year old is now a part of the team!!!!  She started out  by adding the prayer to the back of our Children's book ~ Gracie Noodle and her magical adventure ~ and is now debuting her first  ~ART NOODLE~ greeting card....


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I wouldn't be so spoiled if someone would spank Grandma

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What's a'happenin? 

and one morning they she woke up and she sat smiling over her cup of coffee and realized they had manifested their dreams~

What's new you ask? A TON! We have come up with an abundance of new products and sadly we have no idea how to upload them onto our website for purchase....so you'll have to come join us on facebook to purchase our new goodies ~ART MOMS LLC~ take a look at some magic!

We've never been busier or happier...we're BUSY...but we are busy doing what we LOVE!

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our artwork may not match your sofa.....but we guarantee it will match the love you feel in your heart....hello beautiful people.....let your light shine today